Members of the Canadian Reference Working Group (CRWG) have a passion for palliative care and bring expertise and experience.  Members were identified by the Steering Committee and the CRWG includes public representation. 

This group reviewed recommendations made in the last twenty years by other reports on palliative care and identified the key questions that will be addressed by Palliative Care Matters


Members of the Canadian Reference Working Group include:

Co-Chair: Dr. Konrad Fassbender, Scientific Director, Covenant Health Palliative Institute
Co-Chair: Carleen Brenneis, Director, Covenant Health Palliative Institute

  • Sharon Baxter, Executive Director, Canadian Hospice and Palliative Care Association
  • Cecile Bensimon, Director of Ethics, Canadian Medical Association
  • Robin Fried, Certified Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner, A Life in Progress
  • Esther Green, Director, Person-Centered Perspective, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer
  • Anya Humphrey, Family/Patient Advocate
  • Maria Judd, Senior Director, Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement
  • Julie Lachance, Senior Policy Analyst, Health Canada
  • Nancy Lefebre, Senior Vice-President, Saint Elizabeth Health Care
  • Michelle Parker, Program Lead, Health Reports, Canadian Institute for Health Information
  • Diana Rasmussen, Executive Director, ALS Manitoba
  • Gordon Self, Vice-President, Mission, Ethics and Spirituality, Covenant Health
  • James Silvius, Medical Director, Seniors Health and Pharmacy Services, Alberta Health Services
  • Judy Simpson, CRWG Nominee from Canadian Nurses Association
  • Russell Williams, Chair, Canadian Frailty Network
  • Judy Wry, Project Coordinator, Palliative Care Matters , BUKSA Strategic Conference Services