What is Palliative Care Matters?

Sooner or later, most Canadians will need palliative care for themselves or someone they love. The problem is that finding this care is not a sure thing in Canada. We don’t have a national strategy and not all Canadians can access the care they need for themselves or their loved ones.

We need to ensure that palliative care becomes part of Canada’s universal healthcare model.

That’s why Covenant Health has joined with many of Canada’s leading national health organizations and experts in palliative care and health policy to lead this initiative. The initiative is being co-chaired by Karen Macmillan, Senior Operating Officer and Executive Lead for Palliative Care, Covenant Health and Fred Horne, former Alberta health minister and health policy advisor.


Canada is at a turning point when it comes to palliative care. We need a national strategy so that everyone can access timely, quality care in the last phase of their life. 


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